Issuing a fiscal receipt is proof of purchase, and at the same time, it serves as proof of tax payment for such a transaction. During the purchase irregularities, such as issuing an incorrect invoice or not issuing an invoice at all may occur. Such abnormalities must be reported to the Tax Administration.

Mobile application “Tax Alarm”

A free mobile device application called “Tax Alarm” is a platform for reporting tax irregularities. The application is easy to use, and you can download it from the Google Play Store for Android devices, or the Apple Store for iPhone devices.

This way, citizens can report irregularities, such as non-issuance of invoices, incorrect invoices, the performance of unregistered business activities, and employment of unregistered workers, as well as other tax irregularities, to the Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia through the application.

The report is submitted by entering data regarding the determined irregularities, along which a photo can also be attached as proof. Also, it is possible to choose whether the report will be made anonymously or not. After filing the report, an electronic notification confirming the successful report appears, which is then also visible in the Tax Administration’s system. If the report is deemed to be truthful, the Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia will take measures in accordance with the law and its power and will sanction behaviors that are not in accordance with tax regulations.

Advantages of the application

The advantage of this application is certainly its speed and ease of use. Also, with tools for data processing and the application of risk analysis, it will contribute to greater efficiency of the taxpayer control system.

The application was developed within the project “Platform for Responsible Management of Public Finances”, under the leadership of the Tax Administration of Serbia and the United Nations Development Program.