Financial Consulting

Businesses are prone to constant change with each and every business facing complicated challenges. Confida financial advisory services department helps you with navigating and shaping these changes through a wide range of professional business and strategic consulting services.

Because each business has specific pain points, we offer a fully customized approach to helping you find practical and effective solutions tailored to fit the needs of our customers in a dynamic economic environment. In times of crisis, dedicated and goal-oriented financial and other economic restructuring advice is of crucial importance.

The best proof of our expertise in financial advisory services are the numerous projects that we successfully completed for our clients.

Financial Consultancy Services

Confida offers the following financial consultancy services:

  • Project Management

  • Creation of business plans

  • Conducting market related studies

  • Process optimization

  • Organizing billing and debt collection

  • Forecasts and budgeting

Our Approach

Our approach is holistic in the way that our clients are assisted in setting up meaningful controlling and cost accounting systems as well as in preparing business plans and budgeting. CONFIDA state-of-the-art and compatible data processing programs allow efficient data transfers and external evaluations.

Confida offers continual support to all our clients – the proof of our expertise is in the numerous projects which we have successfully completed.


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