Business Advisory

Businesses are prone to constant change with each and every business facing complicated challenges. Confida’s financial advisory services department helps you with navigating and shaping these changes through a wide range of professional business and strategic consulting services.

Because each business has specific pain points, we offer a fully customized approach to helping you find practical and effective solutions tailored to fit the needs of our customers in a dynamic economic environment. In times of crisis, dedicated and goal-oriented financial and other economic restructuring advice is of crucial importance.

The best proof of our expertise in financial advisory services are the numerous projects that we successfully completed for our clients.

Our due diligence is directed towards the most critical components of transactions which include:

  • Identification and qualification of industry risk and opportunities

  • Evaluation of past earnings and cash flows and assessment of quality of assets

  • Identification of possible hidden costs

  • Identification of tax exposures

  • Identification of liabilities

  • Identification of issues which can affect purchase price


Audit is much more than just numbers, we see these numbers as a story of accomplishments and ambitions, of successful projects and new plans. With our guidance we help you in advancing your business by implementing needed changes to old structures that no longer serve your company.

Confida also offers statutory audits and other audit related services such as Due Diligence. Depending on the size of the transaction and risks we determine the scope of the due diligence review.



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