Check out our latest Tax Calendar for June 2024 and stay updated on all your tax deadlines and obligations. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business, or corporation, this calendar will help you plan and avoid potential penalties for late filings.


Filing a tax return for non-life
insurance premium tax

May 10.06.2024. 5% PP-PPNO form

Recording in the summary and
individual records for Value
Added Tax (VAT)

May 10.06.2024. 20% standard
10% special
SEF System

Filing a tax return for Value
Added Tax (VAT)

May 17.06.2024.  20% standard
10% special

Filing a tax return for calculated
contributions for mandatory
social insurance for founders or
members of a company

May 17.06.2024. PP OD- O Form

Filing the PID PDV 1 form for the
month of May if, in May, one of
the criteria for obtaining the
status of a VAT taxpayer primarily
engaged in the supply of goods
abroad is met

May 17.06.2024. PID PDV 1 Form

Payment of corporate
income tax advance

May 17.06.2024. 15%

Filing a tax return for
excise duty calculation

16.05.-31.05. 17.06.2024. PP- OA Form

Filing a return for the calculation
of excise duty on electricity for
final consumption

May 17.06.2024. PP- OAEL Form
Payment of excise duty 01.05. – 15.05. 17.06.2024.

Tax return for advance – final
determination of corporate
income tax along with which
the prescribed tax balance
sheet is submitted

May 28.06.2024. PDP Form

Tax balance sheet of corporate
income taxpayers

01.01.-31.12.2023. 28.06.2024. PB1 Form
Tax balance sheet for permanent
01.01.-31.12.2023. 28.06.2024. PBPJ Form