Analysis of the COVID-19 impact & liquidity planning

  • Structured review of direct and indirect effects on companies, customers and suppliers

  • Determination of the resulting liquidity requirements in Serbia or plausibility check of liquidity calculations

  • Development of various scenarios as the basis for operational and financial plans and measures

  • Identification and selection of the available financing options

  • Analysis and examination of the applicability of possible support measures (e.g. Corona Aid Fund guarantees or grants)

  • Forecasts and budgeting

Identification of alternative sources of finance

  • Evaluation of internal financing options (e.g. working capital management, short-time work , tax deferrals)

  • Assistance with the application for COVID-19 instruments

  • Creation and review of applications at funding agencies, banks and other institutions

  • Assistance in overcoming financial difficulties

  • Preparation or review of necessary documentation

Support with detailed documentation of the COVID-19 effects on the financial and earnings situation (e.g. decline in sales)

  • Documentation of the planning premises (liquidity and earnings planning)

  • Determination or examination of the coverable fixed costs

  • Creation of survival forecast to reduce liability risks for management

Ongoing support during implementation

  • Ongoing support in discussions with banks, funding agencies and other settlement agencies

  • Support in fulfilling reporting obligations regarding banks or funding agencies

  • Ongoing monitoring and support in the implementation of further restructuring measures

  • Incorporation of the measures into an integrated calculation plan

  • Creation of deviation analysis (monthly target-actual reporting)


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