Confida offers a full range of accounting and financial services to expanding and evolving businesses. These services include analytical, organizational and administrative services for all the financial activities of a business as well as the preparation of numerous reports which are in connection with the life cycle of financial transactions i.e. recording transactions, the preparation of reports for internal and external stakeholders, closing books, and collecting documents.

Our business’ imperative is to offer a fully digital accounting service to expanding businesses. Technology advancements have enhanced our accounting department’s ability to interpret and report data faster, more effectively and efficiently than ever before leaving more time for us to assist and advise our clients in developing strategies and adding value to their businesses.

Our digital accounting systems are distinguished by their ease of access and real time reporting offering our clients data on demand.

Confida Accounting Process

The benefits of our accounting process are:

  • Access to your business’s accounts from anywhere there’s internet

  • All your supplier/customer invoices, petty cash expenses uploaded to our accounting system

  • Daily recording of transactions for all financial statement balances

  • Easy invoicing by directly uploading all financial statements onto our software

  • Automatic creation of bank fees where transactions flow straight into the ledger

  • Automatized creation of payment orders for e-banking systems

  • Online collaboration through a messaging system within the software

  • The possibility of connecting payroll to already existing accounting infrastructure

Our Approach

Our internationally qualified bookkeepers have many years of experience working with medium-size and multinational corporations and offer you a streamlined service with a single point of contact for all you accounting related needs.


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