Tax Consulting

As financial accounting and reporting for income tax becomes an increasingly complex service, tax departments must keep up with the latest guidelines and regulations related to income tax accounting, disclosures and documentation.

At the same time, they need to assess their tax provision and technological processes and make them more reliable and efficient. Confida tax professionals have a great insight into these complexities and can provide you with practical knowledge, technical know-how and standardised processes to help clients handle all their tax needs.

International tax

Due an increasingly globalised economy, translational planning is becoming essential for all businesses, as the areas of tax laws and jurisdiction is in constant change.

We offer our clients different strategies and models for individual tax optimisation as well as taking into account non-tax related legal norms and national and international opportunities.

Special audits

In addition to the activities in the final examination, CONFIDA also offers other legal examinations as well as examination-related services and due diligence investigations (buyer and seller side), such as:

  • Accompanying and supporting the conversion of financial statements to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Invoicing and payment checks of associations, foundations and institutions under public law
  • Founding audits of corporations
  • Examinations in connection with reorganisations (residual wealth and divisional examination)
  • Audits of internal control systems (ICS), including IT systems and risk management systems


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