The ministry will propose that digital nomads be provided with a one-year work visa, provided they have a gross monthly salary of more than 3,500 euros during the period of half a year.

The State Secretary Bojana Stanic stated that it is certain that there are a significant number of digital nomads who live in Serbia and work remotely for foreign companies, but are invisible to the system.

Amendments to the Law on Employment of Foreigners and the Law on Foreigners could happen by the end of this year.

“We would probably be the first country in Europe to complete the visa project for digital nomads. The only condition for a visa would be to for them to earn a gross monthly salary of 3.5 thousand euros while working remotely for an employer over a period of six months. As well as not having citizenship or residence on the territory of Serbia.” said Bojana.

Changes in the law this year would enable Serbia to be presented as a country that attracts digital nomads in 2021. This is a great chance for American companies here, since their citizens cannot work on tourist visas.