A public call for the award of subsidies for self-employment in the territory of Novi Sad City in 2022 has been announced. Funds for 47,268,999 dinars were provided for the implementation of this measure.

Who is it intended for?

The mentioned subsidy is granted to unemployed persons who are recorded in the records of the National Employment Service in Novi Sad. The goal is to establish some form of entrepreneurship and business company if the founder establishes an employment relationship in it.

A one-time amount of RSD 250,000 to RSD 500,000 is awarded depending on the newly registered activity and the expenses that are justified, as well as the investments shown in the business plan. In the announcement of the City of Novi Sad, it is added that if several unemployed persons join together by the law, each individual submits a request for self-employment.

Submitting the request

The application for the subsidy, which must be submitted together with the business plan, can be downloaded from the website of the City of Novi Sad www.novisad.rs and the website of the City Administration for the Economy www.privredans.com or in person at the City Administration at Rumenečka 110a in Novi Sad.

Please note that all required documents must be submitted in duplicate to the City Administration for the Economy by mail or in person.

The deadline for submitting requests is September 16, 2022.