Public call for the implementation of a package of services for young and female entrepreneurs within the Program of a standardized set of services for micro, small, and medium enterprises, and entrepreneurs in 2023. This program aims to support the development of entrepreneurship in Serbia by providing advisory, educational, and mentoring services by accredited regional development agencies (ARRA).

The program is intended for young potential or newly established entrepreneurs, aged 18 to 35 years, as well as business entities whose founder or owner is a woman, or a woman is one of the owners with a majority stake in ownership (minimum 50%) and one of the legal representatives. The program includes three types of services: advisory services, training, and mentoring:

  • Advisory services include consultations that ARRA provides within this program related to assistance in preparing business plans, preparing documentation, and applying for entrepreneurship support programs implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Development Agency of Serbia, Development Fund of the Republic of Serbia, National Employment Service, Guarantee Fund AP Vojvodina, and other sources of funding from the public, private and civil sector. Also, ARRA provides advisory services when starting a business and applying for the EU Horizon Europe program.
  • Training that ARRA provides to existing and potential MSMEs includes 9 modules:

1) Preparation of a business plan and business with banks and investment readiness.

2) Financial management.

3) Export – for those who export for the first time.

4) Marketing and sales.

5) E-business and information technology in business.

6) Overview of quality standards and environmental protection relevant to business.

7) Innovations.

8) Preparation for the Single European Market.

9) Participation of SMEs in public procurement.

  • Mentoring services include individual support from an expert from ARRA to the user of the service package in order to improve his business. Mentoring is carried out up to 25 to 50 hours per user.

Users of the package of services for youth and women are not permitted to access any other services provided by the SSU Program for MMSPP 2023. Also, users of the package for youth and women from the SSU Program for MMSPP 2022 cannot apply for the package in 2023.

Applications with all accompanying forms and documentation are submitted personally or by registered mail to ARRA with the note: Application for the Public Call for obtaining a package of services for youth and women entrepreneurs in 2023. The deadline for submitting applications is December 31, 2023.

For more information about the program, conditions, and how to apply, you can check [here], or contact the Development Agency of Serbia by phone at +381 11 33 98 900 or e-mail