Founders of Private Practices to Submit Weekly Work Schedule

Founders of private practices are obliged to submit a registration application regarding their weekly work schedule in their private practice, by October 11, 2020, in accordance with Article 8 of the Law on Registration Procedure in the Business Registers Agency and Article 53 Ordinance on the content of the Register of Business Entities and the documentation required for registration.

In accordance with Article 56, paragraph 3 of the Law on Health Care, entrepreneurs own a private practice, as well as health institutions are obliged to report their weekly work schedule to APR in order for this data to be entered and published within the Register of Business Entities – starting from October 11, 2020. Private practice is entered in the Register of Business Entities, and its data will be combined with the data of health institutions in the Unified Register of Health Entities, which will be kept in the Agency starting from October 11, 2020, together with Register of health care institutions.

The working hours of private practices are  to be reported by submitting a registration application for data change-mandatory data + Appendix 14, with proof of payment of a fee of 750.00 dinars.

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