New lump-sum tax regulation and a calculator for determining the lump-sum taxes and contributions

2020 began with the implementation of a new Regulation on closer conditions, criteria and elements for lump-sum taxation of taxpayers of self-employment income tax. The new Regulation should contribute to greater predictability regarding the setting of tax liabilities by lump-sum entrepreneurs.

A tax calculator is installed on the Tax Administration’s portal for determining the lump sum of taxes and contributions of taxpayers on self-employed income, whereby entering several elements significant for taxation, the number of tax liabilities on a monthly basis will be received for lump sum entrepreneurs.

tax calculator

That way, taxpayers will be able to know in advance the amount of taxes and contributions they expect if they choose to operate as lump sum entrepreneurs.

Delivery of tax decision – to all newly registered lump sums (starting January 15) the tax decision will be made electronically on the ePorezi portal within 48h. Existing entrepreneurs will receive tax decisions for 2020 in the same way between January 10 and January 15.

Here you can see a list of codes that are taxable for lump-sum, download the Regulation, as well as read the answers to frequently asked questions.

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