Entities that perform retail trade are obliged to deposit the cash they receive into their business bank account within seven days of receiving the money.  The fine for failure to deposit the received money to the account within the prescribed period can reach up to two million dinars.

The provisions of the Law on legal entities’ payments refer to all sales of goods and services in retail stores, regardless of whether the user is a natural person, a legal entity, or an entrepreneur, and includes income from self-payment devices.

Fiscalization Law

Entities subject to fiscalization must register each individual transaction, regardless of the payment method (cash, instant transfer of approval, check, payment card, or other non-cash methods), including received advances for future retail transactions, through an electronic fiscal device.

When it comes to the return of change from the retail trade (which is carried out at the beginning of the next day), entities can have a cash deposit in the facility where the retail trade is carried out, withdrawn from the business bank account, based on a decision.

The provisions of the aforementioned law clearly prescribe the obligation of depositing received funds and the deadline by which it must be made, but without precisely regulating the obligation of whether the funds must be paid in full and at once.  This provides entities seven days to deposit the payment to the bank account if they want to avoid fines ranging from 50,000 dinars up to 2 million dinars.