The Rulebook on Amendments to the Rulebook on the form, content, method of submitting and filling out declarations and other forms in the Customs Procedure, which entered into force on December 24, 2022, prescribes changes in terms of the filing declarations in electronic form, as well as filling out the unified customs documents (JCI).


From December 24, 2022, the Customs Administration certifies the declaration in electronic form with a qualified electronic certificate and delivers the customs debt notification in electronic form to the declarant/representative.


Additionally, there were amendments to Annex 5 – Filling out a unified customs document in part III. Filling out of the JCI sections for export, re-export, temporary export of goods and outward processing, as well as to part IV – Filling out the JCI sections for placing goods in free traffic, temporary import, active processing, re-import, customs storage and destruction of goods.