COVID-19: Administrative Questions

New Decree of the Serbian National Bank on Reporting of Foreign Credit Transactions.

The National Bank of Serbia has published the Decision on Amendments to the Decision on Reporting on Foreign Credit Transactions (the “Decision”), which came into force on March 26, 2020.

According to the provision of the Decision, in state of emergency circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, forms which should be delivered in either paper or electronic form, should be handed in strictly in electronic form, according to the instructions for data delivery in electronic form regarding foreign credit operations.

In state of emergency conditions, documentation, which should normally be delivered during the reporting process of the National Bank of Serbia on foreign credit operations, can also be delivered in electronic form, as a PDF format file, to the e-mail address

The National Bank of Serbia shall, during the state of emergency, conduct certification, i.e. accept the mentioned documentation in electronic form.

Residents who reported their foreign credit operations to the National Bank of Serbia during the state of emergency in this way, must deliver the documentation, based on which certification was conducted,  in paper form in a way proscribed by this decision within 10 days after the end of the state of emergency.

Instructions about the Work of Public Executors During the State of Emergency

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Justice, the Public Enforcement Chamber has issued instructions for the work of public executors during the state of emergency.

Namely, during the state of emergency, public executors do not make decisions based on execution proposals, do not carry out commenced executions, do not evict, sell real estate and movable property of the debtor and do not suspend pensions, salaries and other permanent income.

The public executors inform debtors, who have concluded the agreement on repayment of municipal debts in installments can stop with the agreed payments and no action will be taken in case of non-compliance with the agreement.

The Chamber of Public Executors informs the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund not to suspend payout of the parts of pensions to enforcement debtors according to the conclusions and decisions issued in the previous period, until the end of the state of emergency.

They also inform employers who have been previously ordered to carry out enforcement on the enforcement debtor’s earnings on the instruction that the enforcement be postponed until the end of the emergency.

They also inform employers, who are following the order to carry out the execution on debtors’ earnings, to suspend the execution during the state of emergency.

The Instruction of the Public Executors’ Chamber does not apply to claims based on legal maintenance, compensation for damage to health, annuity due to total or partial incapacity for work and cash annuity lost as a result of the death of the maintenance debtor, as well as to items in which it is settled claims based on financial compensation for personal injury under disability insurance regulations, claims made under social security regulations, claims based on temporary unemployment, claims under the law governing financial support for families with children, claims based on scholarships and student assistance and to students, as well as to enforcement proceedings initiated on the basis of provisional and preliminary measures and execution on the accounts of legal entities.

Public Administration Bodies Working with Clients through Direct Contact

On March 19th a new Government conclusion has been announced in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, No. 37/20, by which the previously issued Conclusion on working with clients through direct contact was replaced. Unlike the previous Conclusion, which suspended working with clients through direct contact in all public administration bodies (including Tax Administration), the new Conclusion brings exemptions regarding this issue for the following institutions:

  • Ministry of Finance – Customs Authorities
  • Public Enterprise “Serbian Post”
  • Some Ministry of Finance offices / branches – Tax Administration and Administration of the Treasury
  • Public Enterprise “Elektroprivreda Srbije”

The Ministry of Finance – Tax Administration and Administration of the Treasury, and PE “Elektroprivreda Srbije” are obliged to inform citizens which offices/branches will be exempted from suspension of work.

Having in mind that only individual offices/branches are exempted from suspension of working in a direct contact with clients, it is expected that tax control procedures pause temporarily.

Changed Work and Communication Methods of Tax Administration

The Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia informs taxpayers that during the state of emergency, in order to protect the health and safety of citizens and in accordance with the recommendations and measures implemented by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the changed method of work and communication between taxpayers and the Tax Administration will apply.

The Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia advises the use of e-Taxes electronic services, then the electronic way of communicating via e-mail, as well as the use of the Contact Center services instead of visits to the organizational units of the Tax Administration.

Electronic services eTaxes will work smoothly in the future. They will be able to easily submit electronically signed tax return forms, monitor the status of submitted returns, have an insight into the account balance and receive e-certificates.

The Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia has enabled electronic communication with taxpayers by opening special e-mail addresses for receiving submissions electronically. The lists of electronic addresses for the submission of submissions electronically have been published on the website of the Tax Administration and prominently displayed in the form of notifications on the premises of all organizational units of the Tax Administration.

For the immediate receipt of the submissions, if necessary, there will be four offices of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia, namely:

Tax Administration Office in Belgrade, ul. Despot Stefan 118;

Novi Sad
Tax Administration Office in Novi Sad, ul. Modene 7

Tax Administration Office in Kragujevac, 27 March 14

Tax Administration Office in Niš, ul. Nikola Pasic 24.

The work of the Contact Center, to which citizens can be contacted on weekdays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm for all information under the jurisdiction of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia on the phone numbers:

  • 0700-700 007
  • 011-33 10 111
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